‘Jurassic World:’ Movie Review

June 24, 2015 0 Comments

So this is what huge blockbusters are made of these days. Huge IMAX screens, gimmicky special effects and 3D shoved into your face without any choice in the matter. Then again, this is probably how I expected a remake of one of the most popular trilogies in cinema would go. Then again, this film isn’t exactly a remake, but a direct sequel. Well, a direct sequel to the first film anyway.

So does this actually make this film a prequel to the sequel? Not at all, because the second and third films still maintain their continuity, despite the fact that both films unfolded on a different island. The Lost World (1997) was merely fan service from the much successful original; however, Jurassic Park III (2001) was just a terrible movie. The question is: Does Jurassic World redeem itself by returning to its roots?

That question would depend on who you would ask. It would also depend on who this film is made for. After all, the trilogy is over two decades old. Is this film made for newcomers to the trilogy, loyal fans that have grown up on the films or just a bunch of snot-nosed little brats who just want to see some dinosaurs.

Well, this film certainly has Dinosaurs, and lots of them. So, in that regard, it is a pretty decent Jurassic Park film. It’s just too bad that the rest of the film, including the script, is less to be desired. The film takes place twenty-two years after the events of the Jurassic Park film, and everything has changed. Theres a new theme park, a new Dinosaur attractions and brand new rides for everyone to enjoy. Its just too bad that the plot is paper thin, and predictable.

You have two kids, Zack & Grey (Nick Robinson & Ty Simpkon) who really want to see Dinosaurs. You also have a Scientist/Park Director who goes by the name of Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who happens to be a terrible Auntie to her nephews Zack & and Grey with an overall vapid personality. You also have generic badass Owen, played by Chris Pratt, who surprisingly plays the only voice of reason in the film, besides Zack. And usually with films like this, you need the hero to have the voice of reason, because certainly no one else is going to come to terms with logic.

And aside from being extremely predictable, the largest problem with the heart of the story pertains to its progression. Mostly relating to the cast, as you need to have characters stupid enough to do the things that normal thinking people wouldn’t do, otherwise we don’t have a movie to watch.

The characters this statement is targeted to the most would be Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) and Claire, of course. All throughout half of the film, the characters engage in firefighting rather than effectively managing the situation, with one routinely dumb idea after another. It isn’t until their own stupidity gets the better of them they decide to give the mantel of managing this crisis to Owen, a former Navy Seal and a trainer of Velociraptors. Why exactly is he training these raptors and for what?

That brings us to another one of our idiotic characters, Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio). He is obsessed with training and bridging the gap between man and beast, to the point where human beings can eventually use dinosaurs as weapons. Because, obviously using wild uncontrollable carnivorous reptiles have the ability to limit the lost of unnecessarily casualties better than a drone… I’m not sure why the screenwriters wrote for this character, and why he got the screen time it did…

However, he is still far less annoying to watch than Claire, as this character seems to have failed at everything she tried to accomplish. Whether its managing the park or keeping her nephews safe, before, during and after the crisis. She is also seems rather detached from life (seems to think her nephews can be tracked by their scent and footprints) and not very relatable. However, what she lacks in common sense and personality, she makes up for with her ability to run through the jungle in 5 inch heels…

Still of Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt

Aside from the characters I have already mentioned, the only reoccurring character we see is Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) from the original. In the first film, is shtick was cloning Dinosaurs. This time, he is creating hybrids by taking DNA from multiple dinosaurs, as well as many other species. This makes the dinosaur a Super-dinosaur, possessing ninja-like capabilities to lower its body temperature, stretching its arm long enough behind its back to remove its tracker, and highly intelligent thinking.

I can only assume the purpose of given a genetically modified hybrid these traits is to demonstrate the follies of man when tampering with nature, something that has been very predictable with these kinds of films. Even when it threatens the lives of everyone on the island, Dr. Wu refuses to reveal the mixed species of the Indominus rex (that’s what they named the dinosaur). Another stupid thing that a logical man would never do, but I guess the screenwriters felt it would be better if the audience found out the species for themselves (which they eventually do).

Final Verdict: B-

Despite all of its flaws (and there are many) it can be pretty pleasing to watch. Its still nowhere near as good as the first film; however, if it still a pretty decent challenge to the original sequel: The Lost World. Not to mention, the films have gone a long way from having animatronics to CGI. There was obviously a lot invested in a legitimate sequel and it paid off, considering the movie has made a record breaking $511 on opening weekend.

There is also a mixed bag of characters for everyone. Some of them you’ll love (can’t go wrong with a Jimmy Falon cameo), while the others you’ll just wonder why their in the film in the first place. It’s not jammed packed with an All-Star cast, which I believe would have made film even worse.

Although, I don’t see why there could not have been a different story this time around. It seems like the screenwriters were basically trying to reinvent the wheel (considering Steven Spielberg didn’t have anything to do with this film), rather than creating a whole new idea. The predictability of taking man’s creation and throwing it in his face is long overplayed, but it still retains its appeal.

You have a decent amount of action for a PG-13 film filled with dinosaurs. You also have a little bit of romance between Owens’ and Claires’ character; although, it’s still watered down so that it doesn’t interfere too much with the action. And there is one plus the film gets from me: The Helicopter In The Movie Explodes

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