Hillary Clinton: “Businesses Don’t Create Jobs”

October 31, 2014 0 Comments

Because obviously the Government creates them, right?

According to this chart, majority of the job growth has been from the private sector. You know, the sector with all the businesses and corporations. Very few meaningful job growth has actually originated from the public sector. So what exactly is Hillary Clinton talking about? Your guess is about as good as mine, but apparently, I’m not suppose to tell you that Businesses and Corporations create Jobs. Something tells me that she wouldn’t be saying this nonsense if she wasn’t running against uber progressive and 2016 Presidental hopeful, Elizabeth Warren.

Maybe she is referring to what most weflare proponents have been referring to for the latter part of this recession: unemployment benefits create the jobs in this economy. The idea that people with unemployment checks spend this money quickly, fueling sales growth for businesses and corporations and, thus, creating more jobs for the economy. Despite how desperately politicians would like everyone to believe this, the reality hasn’t exactly been supportive of this economic theory.

The government has adopted many inititatives and programs aimed at extending unemployment benefits for the long-term and short-term unemployed. While we have made sure the incomes of the unemployed have remained steadily, Retail Sales and Personal Consumption Expenditures have not done the same.

It hasn’t really created many meaningful jobs. All it has really don’t was create incentives for people who are on unemployment to remain unemployment. After all, if you were given a choice between working and reciving $12,000 annual income, and not working while reciving the same income, what would you choose? If anything, we cannot conclude that unemployment benefits creates jobs, which is why the House has decided to allow the Emergency Unemployment Benefits for long term unemployed to expire last year.

Overall, I’m not entirely sure how she believes Corporations aren’t the ones creating the jobs, while implying the Government creates jobs. I know she wasn’t asleep during those 8 years of her husband’s administration where the private sector created 20 million jobs. Where exactly did she think that came from?

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