Germany: No More Billions For Greedy Greeks

February 26, 2015 0 Comments

Tsipras and Syriza has their mandate: to rid Greece of austerity measures, establish a haircut on Greek debt everything funded by the ECB. The Eurogroup also has their own mandate: make sure Eurozone taxpayers are made whole. So far the only side that has come out ahead in this standoff is the Eurogroup. While Greece has delivered their reforms as promised, they were only granted a 4-month grace period, which means there is a likelihood that the EU’s Greece problem isn’t over.

Most Europeans are aware of this, and many of them are not very fond of allowing Greece to take advantage of their ‘generosity’ while making very few efforts to establish any meaningful long-term reforms for sustainability. For this, I turn your attention to the front page of one of the largest newspaper publications in Germany: Bild
The front page reads, “Nien!: Keine weiteren Miliarden fur die gierigen Griechen.” The literal translation for that in English is “No other billion for the greedy Greeks.

In addition to his campaign, Bild also encourages readers to take selfies holding up the front page news article and send them in for publication. The result: a mass flood of selfies pouring in from people who have taken their pictures from either their offices or the front of their homes.

As far as I know, more reforms for Greece are scheduled to be voted on, and a few MP’s in Merkel’s party are not too happy of the deal. Nonetheless, this topic hits close to home for Germany, being the entity that has supplied Greece with an endless amount of funds for solvency. Will this tactic make a difference? I’m not entirely sure, but its a pretty good publicity stunt in the time being. And to think, I was starting to believe it was going to be a slow news day.

Here are a few photos from people who have decided to voice their opposition to the never-ending bailouts of Greece.

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